We are always looking for talented, motivated, and excited people to join CREST! We are looking for those with an interest in psychology, technology, computer science, or all three.

Prospective Graduate Students

Dr. Price will be accepting a graduate student for the 2021-2022 academic year (Updated 5/21/2020).

Those who are interested in clinically focused research on traumatic stress, technology, and risk factors for psychopathology after a trauma are encouraged to apply. Prospective students are encouraged to contact members of the CREST team prior to applying via e-mail or meeting us at national conferences.

Application procedures for the clinical psychology program at the University of Vermont can be found here.

Submitting an application to any clinical psychology program is time consuming and expensive. Here are some suggestions to reduce the cost of submitting an application to our program.

  1. Submit unofficial transcripts. Unofficial transcripts are sufficient for application review. You will only need to submit an official transcript if you are offered admission.

  2. Submit unofficial (self-reported) GRE scores. Self-reported GRE scores are sufficient for application review. You will need to submit an official score report if you are offered admission.

  3. Use the GRE Fee Reduction Program. If you are offered admission (congratulations!), consider using the GRE Fee Reduction Program when submitting your score reports.

  4. Request an application fee waiver if needed. You can learn more about the waiver on our application page.

Prospective Undergraduate and Post-Bac Students

Undergraduates at the University of Vermont with an interest in clinical psychology are encouraged to apply to join the team. Psychological Science and Neuroscience majors who meet the following criteria will be considered:

  • Overall GPA greater than 3.00

  • At least 2nd year standing (students who are in their 1st year should consider applying to begin working in the lab starting in their 2nd year)

Students who meet these criteria should complete the form below.

Students from other majors that are interested in working with CREST should contact Dr. Price directly. Students with a major or minor in computer science or related fields are strongly encouraged to apply.