Meet the Team


My research focuses on creating innovative strategies to expand the reach of clinical care for victims of traumatic events and those suffering from anxiety disorders. To achieve this goal, my lab uses a translational framework in which we first identify fundamental mechanisms of treatment response for evidence-based interventions. These findings are then used to develop and evaluate novel interventions delivered through widely available technologies (e.g. mobile devices, remote sensors, websites). 

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 Graduate Students

Jennifer Ha

Jenn obtained her BS in psychology and her BA in global communication from Utah State University in 2021. Her research interests involve the use of digital health innovations in assessments and interventions. She is particularly interested in examining the accessibility and effectiveness of technology delivered interventions/treatments among diverse populations. Jenn joined CREST in 2023.

Johanna E. Hidalgo

Johanna obtained her BS in psychology from the University of Central Florida in 2019. After graduation, she worked as a program assistant at the Medical University of South Carolina, on various studies that provided treatment for mood disorders and smoking cessation using mHealth. Johanna is interested in augmenting the assessability of services for marginalized communities struggling with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and comorbid mood disorders. Specifically, by utilizing technology to disseminate and implement personalized interventions. Johanna joined CREST in 2021.

Natalie Noble

Natalie received her BA in psychology from Michigan State University in 2019. Following graduation, she worked as a clinical research assistant at McLean Hospital, where she helped coordinate a clinical trial of ALTO-100, a pro-neurogenic candidate antidepressant for individuals experiencing depression and PTSD. Natalie’s interests involve utilizing predictive biomarkers and digital health technologies to develop more personalized and accessible treatment interventions among trauma-exposed individuals. She is particularly passionate about engaging LGBTQ+ and rural populations in evidence-based treatments. Natalie joined CREST in 2023.

Research Coordinators

Julia Kim

Julia received her B.A. Psychology and minored in film at the University of Vermont. She completed her Honors Thesis regarding the effects of social support and gratitude on specific traumas related to sexual assault. Julia graduated in the Spring of 2022 and is working as a research coordinator with the LEMURS study at UVM.  She plans on furthering her education in graduate school and pursuing her Ph.D. in clinical psychology. 

Jordan Llorin

Jordan joined the team from Baltimore, Maryland, and earned a B.S. in product design from Stanford University. His research interests surround understanding our contemporary, lived experiences to inform how we might prevent disease. He is passionate about examining how lifestyle behaviors, relationships, and mind body interventions can be leveraged to promote well-being! He is also passionate about dissemination and implementation to improve the scalability and accessibility of treatment. Jordan has been working with the team since 2022. He is interested in pursuing a graduate degree in psychology in the near future.

Research assistants

Megan Constable

Megan is currently studying statistics and psychology and plans to graduate in Spring 2024. She is continuing at UVM next year, pursuing a Master’s in Data Science and Complex Systems. In the lab, Megan helps with data cleaning and coding for the LEMURS and SOCKS projects. In her spare time, she enjoys skiing, baking, hiking, and spending quality time with her dogs. 

Sophia Essick

Sophia is majoring in psychological science and minoring in Spanish. She is interested in research on Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and how they present strong associations with the development of mental disorders and/or disruptive behaviors during the course of one’s life. Her work for the LEMURS study has fostered a passion for clinical psychology - specifically, testing innovative interventions to maintain and promote mental health and well-being. She plans on pursuing a graduate degree in psychology after she receives her BA from UVM. 

MJ Franz

MJ is a psychological science major. She is most interested in the PTSD research aspect of the CREST lab, specifically out time outdoors and outdoor interventions impact PTSD symptoms in teens and young adults. MJ will graduate in spring 2026 and hopes to pursue a Ph.D. in clinical psychology. In her free time, MJ likes to rock and ice climb, backpack, and spend as much time outside as possible. She enjoys getting other people outside and teaching them new activities. MJ is an Outing Club trip leader during the school year and a rock-climbing guide in the summer and hopes to combine her passions for psychology and the outdoors in the future.

Rachel Lamb

Rachel is pursuing a major in Psychology with minors in Jewish Studies and Human Development/ Family Studies. She has a keen interest in the CREST lab's pioneering research on anxiety and stress among college students and the ways in which functioning can be improved under such circumstances. She will continue with post-graduate work towards a Master's degree in Psychology. Outside the lab, Rachel loves the outdoors and is a craft enthusiast, from the thrill of rock climbing, hiking, and snowboarding, to the relaxation and creativity of crochet.

Community Partners

Marguerite Dibble is the CEO of GameTheory, a development studio based in Burlington that is focused on brining fun into the world. She has led the development of a number of games, apps, and healthcare solutions. All of these products use the behavioral principles underlying engagement and motivation. GameTheory has partnered with CREST on several projects, including the NIH funded Connecting Cultures to Technology. Check out Marguerite's Ted Talk on the principles of game development.