Graduate Students

Zoe Brier

Zoe obtained her BS in psychology from the University of Michigan in 2015. After graduation, she worked as a research assistant at the Bradley/Hasbro Children’s Research Center in Providence, Rhode Island on multiple studies following teens after discharge from hospital settings using mobile technology. Zoe is interested in short in long term outcomes following traumatic experiences, and mobile technology as an assessment and intervention tool. Zoe joined CREST in 2017.

Dr. Brier graduated in 2023 and has continued to do amazing work! 

Alison Legrand

Ally graduated from UI-Chicago in 2014. After, she worked as a research technician at the Center for Anxiety & Related Disorders at Boston University aiding in CODA project. She is interested in how technology can be used to better understand behavioral and neurological changes following a traumatic event to help inform PTSD intervention, particularly in cases of sexual assault and intimate partner violence. Ally joined CREST in 2016.

Dr. Legrand graduated in 2022 and has continued to do amazing work! 

Katherine van Stolk-Cooke

Cassie earned her bachelor's degree from Barnard College of Columbia University in 2012. Following graduation, she worked in a research lab at Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons developing and pilot-testing an adaptive text messaging intervention for problem drinkers. Her current research interests are the application of technology to the development and expansion of evidence-based treatment for clinical populations, and the refinement of existing research and treatment methodologies through the use of these media. Cassie joined CREST in 2015.

Dr. van Stolk-Cooke graduated in 2021 and has continued to do amazing work!

Research assistants

Holley C. Allen

Holley was a psychology major at UVM. Her main interest is substance abuse and addiction and its role in psychopathology. She plans to pursue further education in the medical field after UVM. She enjoys skiing and drawing in her down time. Holley graduated from UVM in the Spring of 2017.

Kirsten Appenzeller

Kirsten majored in neuroscience and minored in psychological science. She was most intrigued by the CREST lab’s specialization of PTSD resilience and the accessibility standards the lab continuously meets and is actively creating through language-free emotion surveys. In her free time, Kirsten enjoyed nothing more than being around people and doing what they love to do, learning about them along the way. At her core, Kirsten loves to learn, go on adventures, and apply herself to all sorts of experiences. Kirsten Graduated in 2023.

Anna Bellard

Anna Bellard was a senior at UVM with a major in psychology and a minor in business. She was primarily interested in exploring the relationship between social support and traumatic stress and planed pursue a career in clinical psychology. In Anna's free time, she enjoys cooking and hip-hop dancing. Anna graduated in 2016.

Andrew Brown

Andrew Brown was a senior at UVM majoring in Psychology. Andrew is interested in rehabilitating those who have experience trauma and the mentally ill back into the work force. Andrew was also interested in techniques to improve worker performance and morale in the workplace. After leaving UVM, he attended Graduate school for Industrial Organization Psychology and someday work as an Organizational Psychologist at a hospital. In his free time he enjoys playing guitar, soccer, lacrosse, hiking and spending time at the beach. Andrew graduated in 2016.

Julie P Connor

Julie was a neuroscience major at UVM. She is interested in the connection between mental and physical health and wellbeing. Specifically, she hopes to explore the role that exercise and mindfulness can play in the treatment of a variety of conditions involving stress, anxiety and pain. After graduation, Julie hopes to pursue a career in medicine. Outside of school, Julie loves to run, practice yoga and hike. Julie graduated in 2018.

Annabel Diestel

Annabel was double majoring in Neuroscience and Dance at the University of Vermont. She is currently in the process of creating an Honors thesis project related to anxiety disorders. Her experience includes working in patient care as a Mental Health Specialist at Fuller Behavioral Hospital, and providing peer mentoring services at the UVM Career Center for the STEM interest group. Annabel is interested in pursuing a career in the mental health field, and hopes to study further after graduating from UVM.

Bethany Harris

Bethany Harris was a psychology major with a minor in biological anthropology. She is most interested in depression and other mood disorders in children and young adults. She plans to pursue a graduate degree after UVM in order to become a clinical psychologist. When she’s not working, Bethany enjoys reading, knitting, sculpting, or playing with her cat, Milo. Bethany graduated in 2018.

Julia Kim

Julia was majoring in psychology and minoring in film. She completed her Honors Thesis regarding the effects of social support and gratitude on specific traumas related to sexual assault. She planned on furthering her education in graduate school and becoming a licensed clinical psychologist. Julia graduated in the Spring of 2022

Annie Mahuex

Annie Maheux was a senior studying psychology at UVM. Her interests include motivation, behavior change, and existential psychology with an ultimate overarching goal of understanding and enhancing well-being. In the Spring of 2014, Annie studied abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark, seeking to understand the individual and societal habits of the World Happiness Report's "Happiest Country in the World." In the rare moments when Annie is not engrossed in the world of psychology, she competes with the UVM figure skating club and enjoys working as a barista. Annie graduated in the Spring of 2015.

Sophie Majerske

Sophie majored in Psychological Sciences and minoring Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies, as well as, Nutrition and Food Sciences. After graduation, she attended graduate school to become a licensed clinical psychologist to work with the military population. In her free time, she enjoys running, drinking cold brew coffee, and playing Scrabble. Sophie graduated in the Spring of 2023. 

Lily Marino

Lily was majoring in Neuroscience and a minoring in Emergency Medical Services at the University of Vermont. She was the co-president of the UVM Neuroscience Club and worked as a supplemental instructor for the UVM Tutoring Center. She hoped to pursue further education relating trauma, neuroscience, and medicine as she works on becoming an EMT, and plans to study at graduate or medical school once she graduates. She also enjoys writing for various publications around campus. Lily graduated in the Spring of 2022

Emma Melton

Emma was an undergraduate student majoring in psychology at the University of Vermont. She is interested in mood disorders, personality disorders and the development of the adolescent. After graduation, she plans to attend graduate school and become a clinical psychologist. Outside of school, Emma enjoys reading, cycling, yoga and listening to music. Emma graduated from UVM in 2019.

Rachel Merriam

Rachel Merriam was a senior at UVM, studying Psychology with a minor in Human Development and Family Studies. She is interested in stress, attachment bonds, and developmental psychopathology, with the hopes of one day working in a helping profession. In her free time, she volunteers in the hospital’s pediatric wing and enjoys working as a local dog walker. Rachel graduated in 2015

Rebecca Mirhashem

Rebecca was an undergraduate student at UVM majoring in psychology. She is interested in the roles family structure and environment play in adolescent addiction. After UVM, Rebecca is interested in attending graduate school. In her free time, Rebecca enjoys hiking, running, and snowboarding. Rebecca graduated in 2018.

Erin O'Donnell

Erin (she/her) was majoring in Neuroscience with a minor in Health and Society. She was interested in studying the body's physiological response to trauma, as well as building an understanding of the biological basis for certain neurological disorders. Erin hoped to attend graduate school after UVM, to pursue a career in healthcare. In her free time, she enjoyed skiing and playing for the UVM Women's Rugby team. Erin graduated in 2022.

Chloe Ott

Chloe was a senior at UVM with a Psychological Science major and a Philosophy minor. After graduation, she planned to take a break from school to build her resume before applying to graduate schools to become a licensed clinical psychologist. Outside of the classroom, Chloe worked as the secretary of the UVM rowing team and enjoys snowboarding and painting. Chloe graduated in 2023.

Ryan Payne

Ryan was in the Post Bac Pre Med program at UVM. He graduated from Colorado College in 2011 with a B.A. in economics. He was primarily interested in adolescent psychology and addiction, with the ultimate goal of working as a psychiatrist. In his free time, he enjoys playing hockey and spending time outside. Ryan completed his Post Bac program in 2016.

Annie Resnikoff

Annie was a major in early childhood special education with a major concentration in psychology. She is particularly interested in the way family relationships affect child outcomes, especially when adverse situations are involved. After graduation, Annie hopes to attend graduate school and eventually be a psychologist serving children with special needs. In her free time, Annie enjoys running, playing tennis and watching old movies. Annie graduated from UVM in 2019.

Indira Romero-Marcano

Indira was majoring in Psychological Science, as well as, minoring in Religious Studies at the University of Vermont. Along with her continuing education she was enlisted in the Vermont Air National Guard working as a health administrator for the Medical Group. Additionally, she worked at an Immigration office in the state of Rhode Island, Park Immigration and Services, in which she assists with translation in English and Spanish, affidavit writing and helping individuals prepare for the US Citizenship test. She has interned with a state family court lawyer researching policies within DCYF. In her leisure she enjoys swimming, running, cooking and spending time with loved ones. Indira graduated in the spring of 2022.

Lauren Schnepf

Lauren was a senior at UVM who earned her B.S. in Psychology with a minor in Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies. Lauren’s experience includes works for The Committee on Temporary Shelter, Spectrum Youth and Family Services, and Ronald McDonald House Charities, and she is dedicated to nonprofit work focused on supporting people in her community. After graduation, Lauren pursued her Master’s in Counseling and work as a practitioner in the mental health field. Lauren graduated from UVM in 2020. 

Hannah Ward

Hannah Ward was a senior at UVM majoring in psychology. Primarily, she is interested in gaining a better understanding of the body’s physiological response to trauma, both short and long term. Hannah completed an Honors Thesis on the role of cortisol in PTSD symptoms and plans to attend a Physicians Assistant Program. Hannah graduated in 2016.

Lucy Wing

Lucy was majoring in Neuroscience and minoring in Emergency Medical Services. After graduation, she is hoping to pursue further education in medicine and neuroscience. She is the community chair for Volunteers in Action on campus, and is part of the UVM Women’s Ultimate Frisbee team. She loves skiing, running, and hiking. Lucy graduated in 2023.