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Spring and Summer of 2020

  • 8.6.20: Congratulations to Zoe Brier on her conference symposium presentation at ISTSS 2020: Wont You Be My Neighbor?: Network Symptoms Communities Within PTSD, GAD, and Depression in Large Community Cohort of Trauma-Exposed Individuals!

  • 8.6.20: Congratulations to Zoe Brier, Alison Legrand, and Cassie van Stolk-Cooke on their poster presentations to ISTSS 2020!

  • 8.5.20: Join us at ISTSS 2020 Virtually this year! We will be leading a Pre-Meeting Institute on How to Conduct Network Analyses in R!

  • 8.1.20: Congratulations on our new publication: Validation of Smartphone Based Heart Rate Tracking for Remote Treatment of Panic Attacks

  • 7.31.20: Congratulations to Alison Legrand on receiving the UVM graduate student research grant!

  • 7.15.20: Congratulations to Zoe Brier on her receipt of the ISTSS Student COVID Research Award!

  • 5.20.20: Congratulations to Alison Legrand for receiving the Mariellen Fischer Dissertation Award!

  • 5.13.20: Congratulations on our new publication: Hybrid type 1 randomized controlled trial of a tablet-based application to improve quality of care in child mental health treatment

  • 5.10.20:Congratulations on our new publication: Method to convert an 8-item PCL-5 score to a total PCL-5 score: A scaled equation analysis

  • 5.5.20: Congratulations to Cassie on defending her dissertation!

  • 5.1.20: Congratulations to Annabel Diestel on receiving a Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship to conduct a network analysis!

  • 4.28.20: Congratulations to Alison Legrand on proposing her dissertation!

  • 4.20.20: Congratulations to us on our poster presentation at the Organization on Human Brain Mapping: Machine learning prediction of childhood maltreatment using multimodal neuroimaging data

  • 4.18.20: Congratulations on our new publication: Emotionally Valenced Stimuli Impact Response Inhibition in Those with Substance Use Disorder and Co-Occurring Anxiety and Depression Symptoms

  • 3.10.20: Congratulations on our new publication: Investigation of optimal dose of early intervention to prevent posttraumatic stress disorder: A multi-arm randomized trial of 1 and 3 sessions of modified Prolonged Exposure

  • 2.20.20: Congratulations on our new publication: The short-term dynamics of posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms during the acute posttrauma period

  • 2.15.20: Congratulations to Zoe on defending her Masters Thesis!

  • 1.13.20: Congratulations on our new publication: Predicting Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Risk: A Machine Learning Approach

Fall & Winter of 2019

  • 12.13.19: The Burlington Free Press wrote a piece about our recent study on the development of PTSD: Article Here

  • 12.12.19: Check out Dr. Price in his media presentation to WCAX about our recent paper on how PTSD symptoms develop after a trauma

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